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Who heals the healer?

Well, the obvious answer is we are all one another’s healers. Through simple acts of appreciation, a willingness to listen, the offering of new perspectives and ideas, just a touch, perhaps — all of which may trigger an inner connection or two, and a resolution to something that may have been bothering somebody a long time. A very effective leader I know told me one time her “secret” was this: “All you have to do is take care of people. They do the rest.” And it strikes me this is another way to say the same thing, that in the sunlight of one another’s care we are stronger, and because we are stronger, things can change. Things can get done. Oh, I know, it isn’t so simple as all that. The leader I am thinking of is an incredibly good reader of others and their needs, and she’s no pushover — what she has is a gift.

tougher, that takes us to a deeper well, that causes reflection at a more primary and sometimes primitive level of ourselves, that has to do with why we do the work we do, why we lead, why we need to create change, and ultimately what we are trying to work out in ourselves through our own leadership. And so we are faced with our values, perhaps our sense of worthiness to the roles we have accepted, and to the processes of self-reliance and of our own healing, processes which are like roots slowly growing down and in, searching for nourishment within our personal, inner landscape.