Who manufactures protocel?

While on a fact finding trip to establish a natural wellness facility in The West Indies, our team asked a Doctor who accompanied us on that endeavor, “if there were one product and one product only to stock his wellness facility which would provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of people what would that product be?” And without hesitation he said it would be “undoubtedly Entelev”. Our quest to find Entelev led us to realize there is indeed something special about that name and all of its history leading to that day on the island of St. Lucia and for nearly decades now we have strived to bring that statement to fruition.

We at Protocel have established a relationship with the families of the pioneers and dedicated workers of the “project” and we continue today serendipitously as “a friend helping a friend” We have access to all the original documents experiments and studies of the original formulas and will continue to manufacture and provide research and development to confirm the strengths, capacities of and the ability to assist the greatest number of people with need of the authentic formulas which were deemed extremely effective to our friend on the island.