Why after mercury filling removals I still have debilitating migraines from chemicals?

I am trying to convince my partner we need a sauna so I can detox this stuff and get my life back. I am talking about the traditional style sauna, not the infrared type. I don’t believe the infrared type is effective enough.

Is it possible to remove a significant amount with a sauna alone? Also while eating the right food and adding lots or Garlic and coriander.

I am having such a bad reaction in my brain with the chlorella. It dosen’t help that I am agoraphobic and very senstive to panic attacks. Having the feeling of things ‘shifting’ in my head scares me to bits. I get so many bodily and brain sensations it’s awful.

I am not able to sit and relax in a public sauna due to panic. When I have used really good, mega hot, public saunas I have felt fantastic afterwards.

I have had quite a few in mercury exposures over the years.

The bulk of it was before the age of 13 as I used to have regular, government dental visits. I remember I had a re-occurrant face swelling problem as a young child and I now believe this must of happened after each filling as it would effect one side of my face only. Not connection back then was ever made and I was diagnosed with having ‘hives’. I wasn’t able to go to school as the swelling was significant.

When I was about 12 I found an interesting collection of beads on the bathroom bench. I realised it was mercury and started playing with the beads not realising their toxic nature. Someone must have broken a thermometer on the bench. I didn’t even know we owned a thermometer so how the mercury got there was a mystery.

When I was about 15 I was eating and felt something sharp in my mouth. I pull out my food and found one of my amalgams lodged in a lollie. Not sure if I swolled any. It was replaced with my first white filling.

When I was about 25 I bought a tub of ghee(Indian cooking oil). I was about halfway into using the tub when I noticed a ball of mercury floating around in it. I scooped out the mercury and ate the remaining ghee. I was aware at the time this wouldn’t be good but was not in a position to waste food.

Age 31, amalgams removed with safe protocol.

About 8 months later I became agoraphobic.