Why do mosquito bites last so long?

this actually differs from one person to the other. The itching can be around for 24-hours. However, sometimes it can also last for 2 to 3 days / 3-5 days. An anti-itch cream can help you lessen the irritation. Use a natural mosquito repellent to prevent yourself from its stings.

Many people do not observe their 1st mosquito bite. It is only after they are been bitten numerous times, they are likely to notice it. While others observe it almost instantly after a mosquito feeds. So, the mosquito bite symptoms include

A white puffy bump, appearing within few minutes right after the mosquito bite
Swelling around the bites
A hard and reddish-brown color bump(s), which is often itchy
Tiny blisters rather than hard bumps
Darker spots, which more often look similar to bruises
In adults and kids with immune disorders, a mosquito bite can trigger

Low fever
Bigger swelling
Swelling of lymph nodes