why does the skin under my breasts smell like dill pickles even after s shower?

The skin itches, the hair folicles have white matter surrounding the root, I also get pimples and am prone to cysts and boils that get infected and leave scars. I keep clean wear bras put kleenex to absorb sweat but nothing works. What is this and how do I stop it my Dr had hiven me ointment for yeast infections but it makes it worse.

As you said your skin is prone to boils and cyst, build up your immunity. Try eating garlic everyday for few days. Avoid tea, coffee, sugary products, pickles, sauces and all the junk food. Eat healthy foods, include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Use soap containing oat. Also u can try soaking yourself in bath water with a couple of cups of tomato juice in it.

Wash area with antibacterial soap daily.