Why has my appetite disappeared and I have had sudden severe diarrhea for over a week now?

I had a sudden drop in appetite so little under a week before my first incident. When I finally tried to eat, the next morning I had to jump out of bed and barely made it to the bathroom - but nothing came out. I was screaming and crying in pain but no one else was gone. Finally I collapsed to the ground and was still working and suddenly it literally exploded all over the bathroom. I was in there for about an hour because I couldn’t get up. I went back to bed and felt severely sick. Many more incidents happened throughout the week, also me feeling like I had a bladder or kidney infection, then coming down with a cold or something, buy all the time I couldn’t eat and was having episodes, and still am. Help?

First, you need to take activated charcoal to get rid of any poison or toxic materials from your system. Then, need to see a doctor, to go through what you ate or drank before this started. Hope this helps.

How do I obtain activated charcoal and go to the doctor without insurance or Medicaid?