why you shouldnt do a taco cleanse for weight loss

Everyone’s talking about it. It may even be garnering the same level of internet excitement that followed the release of the taco emoji. But it’s better, because it’s edible: It’s a taco cleanse. If the idea alone isn’t enough to intrigue you,

take all the above with a grain of salt. This “cleanse” is less about losing weight and more about promoting a vegan, plant-based diet (that means no meat or dairy!) and boosting energy and mood (because when you’re eating tacos for every meal, how can you be sad?). Recipes range from the Accelerated Breakfast Taco to the Smoked Brisket and Jalapeño Mac and Cheese Taco to the Churro-Waffle Taco, and the book includes a very important section of 10 recipes for “Supplements” (AKA margaritas). Take note that this is more of a cookbook than a diet plan—but science does say A Plant-Based Diet Is Ideal for Weight Loss.

In all seriousness, we find it hard to believe any of their cleanse claims are false. After all, the cleanse promises a more fun life ('ritas are a requirement) and that your “chakras will become realigned into an optimal taco pattern.” We don’t even know what that means, but how could it be a bad thing? Unless, of course, you don’t like tacos. Then you probably shouldn’t be allowed to have fun anyways.