will cellulite go after pregnancy

So I’ve always been a very small person by nature.I’m in my upper 20’s and I still had the same body I did when I was in high school (pre pregnancy) When I got pregnant the Dr. told me I was “Under weight” and would need to gain a little more than the average person. I’ve gained weight for sure, although I still look pretty small. I was standing naked in front of my dresser mirror tonight and noticed CELLULITE1 Quite a bit of it on my thighs and the side of my butt. I don’t have any stretch marks yet, and I’ve never had cellulite before , so I can only assume it’s due to the pregnancy weight gain.

NO. It won’t. Sorry.

Most of the thing I have read are 50/50. Some say it went away, some say it didnt. Those who said it went away said they did it with diet and exercise. (i googled “does cellulite go away after pregnancy” and found other boards stating these things) I am not certain if it does or not

Ughh I’ve got it bad too all over my butt and thighs. I’d love to think it’ll go away when the baby is born but I’m pretty much positive we’re stuck with it lol