Will collagen fillers(hyaluronic) cause more sagging in the long run and is yoga preferred?

Will collagen dermal fillers done repeatedly over time cause the skin to sag more and would it not be better to leave it to nature and do something like yoga isometric exercises for the face? Does this yoga really work or is it a gimmick?

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Certainly it will turn back the clock with facial exercise and by doing isometric contractions of the muscles using the thumbs and fingers. With exercise, the muscles become stronger, the skin looks revitalized and lifted.
Most importantly, facial exercises can be performed inexpensively at home.
Yoga really works at least you can try it. If not working you can go with collagen filler. Before you start a facial exercise regimen you can track your progress by taking your photos.

Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate it. I have already started on yoga exercises for the face but patience is required in order to actually ‘see’ results. I will definitely give it a month or so by which time I’m sure there will be a very slight change at least.