all about vitamin k benefits and uses

Bone health
A person is having their blood pressure taken.
Vitamin K may help individuals maintain low blood pressure by preventing several minerals from accumulating in the arteries.

There is a correlation between low intake of vitamin K and osteoporosis.2 Although several studies have suggested that vitamin K supports the maintenance of strong bones, improves bone density and decreases the risk of fractures, others have shown no improvement in bone density associated with vitamin K.2

Cognitive health

Increased blood levels of vitamin K have been linked with improved episodic memory in older adults.3 In one study, healthy individuals over the age of 70 with the highest blood levels of vitamin K-1 had the highest verbal episodic memory performance

Heart health

Vitamin K may help keep lower blood pressure by eliminating the build-up of several minerals in the arteries (mineralization), allowing the heart to freely push blood through the body. Mineralization naturally occurs with age and is a major risk factor for heart disease. Adequate intake of vitamin K has also been shown to lower the risk of stroke.