Alternative herbal medicine for shaky hands

Hi, I looked through your FAQ’s. No one answered and there is no answer for this question. My friend has hand shaky problems when he does some activities like hunting. I don’t think it is a fatal disease. I do think that there may be some alternative medicine that would help him. Remember I did look in your FAQ’S for similar posts. There was NO answers.

Consult doctor to rule out physical causes such as Parkinson disease, thyroid disease or some drug side effects. Sometime, it is simply due to anxiety which needs relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises. Treatment depends on the diagnosis.

- Avoid caffeine, which can trigger production of adrenaline, a hormone that can worsen tremors.

- Avoid alcohol, which has pronounced effects on the central nervous system and can aggravate essential tremor.

- Exercise with light hand weights that can promote stability in the hands and wrists. Ask your physician to recommend a physical therapist who can teach you the exercises.