Am single 30 years andI have Hypothyroid for 4 years and PCOS for the past 15 years, plz suggest

Am 30 years and single. I have been suffering from hypothyroidism since aug 2008 and my period are absent fo rthe last 10 years.I have been using contraceptive pills as prescribed by doctors and consequently I put on weight.Now I am 80 Kgs and my last weight was 65 in July 2007.I am taking Thyronorm 75 mg daily and taking a teaspoon of Honey with tap water everyday.By doing this I gor relief from pain as I used to have Gout problems till last year but now its almost over.By taking Row papaya I got my periods few times but usually it does not come without taking registron pills. Plz suggest how to regularise my periods and get back to 65 Kgs again.