are there any home remedies for head lice

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Coat all the hair in vasoline and leave over night… Wash out the next morning. Then use lice comb to remove dead nits.the hardest part is getting the gasoline out of hair. Use dawn dish soap and corn starch. The chemicals you buy at store was irritating my daughters scalp and still didn’t kill the lice this worked with one treatment.

Get the comb “nit free terminator” on Amazon. They are only around $10 and they are the best on the market. Google nuvo treatment. All Natural completely effective lice treatment using a face wash named cetaphil. My son has very very curly hair. This worked great.

Mouthwash. Listerine. 30 minutes. Soak scalp and all hair. Cover with shower cap. Critters will surface and die within a half hour. Don’t even need a comb. They surface and die. Guaranteed. Just did it for 10-year-old daughter. Simple. Unsure about eggs. Next phase.