baby have cold and cough

Most kids get restless when they’re sick, but children with a cold or flu should have lots of bed rest to help their bodies fight the virus1.

Here are four preventative measures you can take to help your child relax before bedtime:

Keep your child hydrated2. Feverish children can get considerably dehydrated from sweating.

Children with the flu are often not very hungry, but their bodies still need nourishment to fight the illness.3 Make sure your child consumes easy-to-digest meals in the evenings. Some good options are rice, crackers, toast, soup, and bananas

olds and flus are brought on by viruses. The best way to avoid these viruses is to prevent your family from coming into contact with them in the first place, and from spreading them to each other.
It’s important that your entire family follow these simple rules:

Avoid contact with people who are sick. If you work outside the home or if your children go to school or daycare, this may be difficult to do; however, you can ask people to not visit your home if they have a cold or flu.