Can chronic fatigue syndrome be prevented?

Avoid overexertion. Doing too much when you feel well is one of the most common reasons for relapse among CFS patients. Keep in mind that even though you feel in tiptop shape, you still have a medical condition that will cause you to crash if you overextend past your personal energy levels.

Soothe stress. Stress can be an energy drainer for everyone. And stress caused by everyday problems, such as financial matters, family conflicts, and work issues, are known to worsen chronic fatigue symptoms and prompt a CFS relapse. Deal with your stress by talking with a trusted friend or loved one, seeing a therapist, joining a support group, or practicing a relaxation technique like meditation, yoga, or tai chi.

Pencil in extra rest around special events. Social occasions such as weddings, holidays, and even taking a vacation can trigger a chronic fatigue syndrome relapse, due to the demands of the event, the stress associated with such occasions, and expectations that CFS patients tend to place on themselves regarding their level of participation. Get extra rest ahead of time, and consider staying a shorter time at the event.