Can coco butter help get rid of acne marks?

Its moisturizing property helps remove acne marks. In fact, regular use of any moisturizer improves scar reduction. Moisturizing softens the scar tissue and realigns collagen fibers to promote healing. Massaging is very important as it can set off a healing process by breaking the scar tissue. Cocoa butter is known for its use in a number of primitive ointments for cosmetic purposes. It has been an important home remedy used by women to eliminate stretch marks. It is an emollient and contains important health-giving ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant. Including these ingredients in your diet can be more effective as naturally beautiful skin comes from a wholesome approach.

Before applying it, it is best to scrub your skin mildly with a wash cloth to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then, cleanse with a mild soap and rinse well. Apply the cocoa butter on the spots. Following this on a daily basis will bring a noticeable difference. It is better to use natural cocoa butter as commercial products tend to contain harsh chemicals that may have an irritating effect on your skin. By helping your skin retain moisture, cocoa butter helps tissues to regrow. It also forms a protective layer against harsh weather that can dry or damage your skin.
There is an important caution about using this effective solution for skin care. Never use it on skin affected by acne - it is only recommended for use after the acne has cleared and marks are left. Dermatologists say that you must avoid using greasy lotions and creams like cocoa butter or petroleum jelly when acne conditions exist. The reason is that these products augment the oiliness of your skin and clog the pores - oily skin is the root cause of acne! In other words, such products will worsen your acne. So, using it on unhealed acne is ill-advised. And, even while resorting to cocoa butter for scar treatment, make sure that you’re not allergic to the product.
Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa bean, the same ingredient used in chocolates. Isn’t it tempting to use a product that is distinguished by a lingering flavor of chocolate? And youngsters looking for acne scar remedies after that tough acne breakout-phase may well try this