can norvasc make my ankles swell

Norvasc is a calcium channel blocker. I have taken calcium channel blockers for almost 15 years. I have also taken other types of blood pressure meds such as Beta Blockers, Ace Inhibitors and diuretics. CCBs probably come with the least side effects for me and most of the people I’ve talked to on other wellness forums.

I am not a dr but if your legs are swelling significantly you should probably lower the dose back to 5mg if that was keeping your blood pressure level. If you don’t do that the next step would be to take an extended release medication like Procardia XL.

It’s also a calcium channel blocker and will provide the same benefits as Norvasc but the effects of the drug are extended around the clock. I would not discontinue the diuretic as long as I had swollen legs unless the dr specifically says to for some reason. The diuretic also helps with BP. That is why I first suggested dropping the Norvasc back to 5mg. Hope that helps.