can social media improve my running motivation

Facebook = Social Media = A big influence on your health and fitness

Back in June, I ran the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon. Three weeks before race day, they posted an image of the finisher’s medal on their Facebook page. Let’s be honest, a small part of me loves to run races to rack up the bling, but when I find out ahead of time that the medal is extra-awesome, it makes me want to really, truly earn it.

Had I not followed them on Facebook, I might not have seen that image ahead of time. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to read the comments posted by the women that would ultimately be running alongside me. Talk about motivation!

Social media links to tools and technology that make it easy to keep track of your health and fitness. From MapMyRun to MyFitnessPal and countless other social applications, you can connect yourself one step further to those that do as you do — or not! Keep yourself quiet on these platforms and use them to keep track of your own progression. They can be really great for that. But if you engage on a social level, the inspiration is yours for the taking. A recent CNN article quotes that "social features on fitness devices play three roles: They motivate people; the various interactions act as triggers for action; and sharing information and tips can increase ability.”