Can you prevent food allergies in your baby or child

Don’t introduce solid foods before your baby is 17-weeks-old. Babies who ate solid foods before 17-weeks-old were more likely to develop food allergies than those who weren’t exposed to solid foods until later, according to the study.

Continue breastfeeding. Don’t stop breastfeeding once you start introducing food into your baby’s diet. the study also concluded that breastfeeding had a protective effect against allergies once cows milk was incorporated into the babies’ diets. Breast milk is known to regulate the functions of the immune system.

Limit packaged foods. A different study conducted by the same researchers found that babies who ate more fruits and veggies, and fewer processed foods, were less likely to develop allergies by the time they were 2-years-old. The study was published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

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