cellulite was hilft wirklich

C ellulite just does not look beautiful - and many women feel uncomfortable in summer in shorts, skirts or even the bikini. It is therefore already time to make the thigh fit for the summer. The dents visible on the skin surface result from protrusions of the adipose tissue into the overlying skin laye

Predominantly women have the upper leg at the buttocks and thighs. “The development of fat and connective tissue in women is less stable and more flexible than that of men,” explains Nicola Otte, specialist in dermatology and laser medicine at dermatology in Hamburg.

The connective tissue fibers in women are thin and largely perpendicular to the skin surface. This would give little resistance to the fetal cells, and it would be easy for them to push themselves into the adjacent skin layer. In men, on the other hand, connective tissue fibers are more parallel and offer more stability.

nobody despaired of his orange skin. Anyone who feels the skin changes as annoying, the dents and nodules at least something to iron out.