cellulite was hilft

The dents on the thighs accompany us faithfully. And the least of us will be spared by them, as 80 to 90 percent of the women get cellulite as the age progresses.

Hips and thighs now save fat more than any other body region - and this likes to push as dents through the skin. The main reason is the loss of elasticity of female connective tissue - and that we have thinner skin than men. Thus the adipose tissue has become easier to spread and push through the rod-like connective tissue strands upwards. The result is as Orange skin visible. Our estrogen then ensures that the fat accumulates predominantly on the buttocks and thighs, in addition often water storage through many seats in the job.

Because, therefore, the fat in the under-skin of the major miscarriage is in the case of thighs, most anti-cellulite therapies want to reduce the amount of fat. “There are still very little independent studies that control the efficacy of anti-cellulite drugs and treatment methods,” says Dr. Tatjana Pavicic, a dermatologist at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. We now present to you the simplest and most effective methods of combating cellulite

Using sports to augment the blood flow helps to drain and achieve an optical improvement effect. Ideal are dipping sports such as jogging, walking, swimming or cycling.

Especially swimming is highly recommended, because one has in addition to the movement still a lymphdrainage similar effect. This combination destroys the water deposits, and the muscle activity from the inside strengthens the connective tissue. The fitness courses “Bauch - Beine - Po”, which are specifically designed for problem areas, also bring something, and in combination with jogging. People who exercise regularly, so at least twice a week, improve their metabolism, and the cellulite does not have it so easily. Unfortunately, you can not quite follow the orange skin, but you can significantly mitigate and prevent it by integrating sports as an integral part of your life.