cellulite when skinny

A common belief is that cellulite only affects overweight women. This is not true, cause even the skinny ones can be affected by cellulite.
Those people who are unhealthy, eat unhealthy diets and spend long hours sited or lying down are prone to cellulite.

I was one of the skinny women who had cellulite, and as you can see in the photo in the left, my cellulite was really bad

Having your own cellulite brush can really save you, especially if you are skinny. For us, skinny women, cellulite occurs mostly because bad blood flow in our lower body, and with the massage brush we can easily increase blood flow in just 5 minutes per day.

Liposuction primarily eliminates fat formed deep under the skin and there have been reports of people who experienced reduction in their cellulite through this method.

– Diet and Exercise. One of the most ideal ways for cellulite treatment would be to make changes in you lifestyle. Reducing weight through healthy diet and exercise can minimize the appearance of cellulite.

– Laser Treatment. In this method, light is used to help melt the fat deposits in a gentle way. You will need to go for a few sessions so as to see changes in the appearance of the cellulite.

Cellulite Creams. One of the most popular techniques used by people when they have a cellulite problem is the use of cream and lotions. Please note that the most effective creams are a bit costly and can take a while before you see substantial results in your cellulite.

– Dry Skin Brushing Skin brushing is a great and affordable way of cellulite removal in addition to other skin blemishes such as stretch marks. The thick, strong bristles in these brushes distort the top layer of your skin, that appears like a light scratch which then sends the skin into repair mode.

– Heat Therapy. One way that heat therapy is carried out is with a treatment known as Velashape. This treatment uses a combination of infrared heat, radio frequency and vacuum to get rid of cellulite from both inside and out.