cellulite who cares

You’re wondering about whether a guy will be upset when, after ogling your big booty, he sees your real rear view. And I’m glad you asked this question. Lately, I’ve been getting lots of letters from women who seem to think that guys will be surprised and disappointed when they see them nude.

Most guys are not turned off by real women’s bodies because do not expect so-called photoshopped perfection — or anything close. If they’ve ever been with a real woman, they’ve seen wrinkles, stubble, bed-head hair, jiggling bellies, and everything else that gets air-brushed out of magazine spreads. If they’ve seen a woman naked — especially a woman with a great ass — they’ve almost certainly seen cellulite. It just comes with the impressive package.

Visit a sex store and talk to a knowledgeable clerk (or shop at a pharmacy if you must). Buy two of every condom they carry, plus a few different brands of lubricant. Usually, they’ll even have a variety pack available at a discount. Condoms are always going to limit the sensation, but it’s a surmountable obstacle, and tightness is the biggest problem (pun intended). The tighter the condom squeezes him, the less he will feel you — and yet, it’s got to be tight enough that it doesn’t slip off. Try lots of them from different brands: ribbed, thin, extra-large, flavored (for you!), glow-in-the-dark, whatever. And experiment with lube. Sometimes, a few drops of lube inside the condom can be a great help for him to make the condom feel more smooth inside — and extra lubrication is never a bad idea for you either. Find the condom and lube that’s best for you. That’s step one.

Don’t get too stressed about doing the so-called “right” thing. Sex is the ultimate trial-and-error experiment. The results are always changing. And it’s way more fun if you try to enjoy all the inevitably messy, clumsy, fumbling, awkward little failures along the way. Improving your sex life requires making mistakes. You won’t figure out what feels best if you don’t try new things out. Bad sex might as well share that classic definition of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.