do cellulite pills work

The medical community still debates over the best way to treat cellulite, a condition in which fat cells underneath the skin press up against weakened connective tissue, producing an “orange-peel” texture

Even as the makers of supplements marketed as cellulite remedies claim their products offer a solution, no definitive research supports the effectiveness of any single pill currently on the market. The best way to manage cellulite may involve a healthy diet that includes foods and supplements proven to support your skin’s connective tissue.

links cellulite formation to poor blood and lymph circulation. In addition to regular exercise, reducing stress and maintaining a healthy diet, Pick recommends that you take a high-quality supplement featuring vitamin C among other essential vitamins and minerals

is the result of displaced fluid rather than accumulated fat." While he advocates reducing caloric intake, losing weight and exercise, he also suggests that you incorporate supplemental vitamin C and E in your diet along with rutin. The combination of these three nutrients "helps blood vessels contain fluids, increases the amount of blood that can flow through them and helps break down fibers that interfere with circulation