do colon cleansers make you poop

Generally, depending on how healthy the persons colon is, you should have two to three bowel movements per day. The perfect situation would be for your sister to have a movement after every meal.

Basically after a colon cleanse you cannot go out at all. After my last colon cleanse, I was running to the bathroom basically every 45 minutes to an hour for days! A lot of people, usually people trying to sell a product, will say that you don’t poop very much, but that is not true, ask anyone who’s actually done it and they’ll tell you the same thing. You poop a lot and it is MESSY. Like slidin’ into first and you feel something burst

colons do NOT need to be cleansed like some websites or “doctors” claim. theres no need to take pills 6 times a day just to poop out the “garbage.” if you really want to keep your insides clean, eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables daily. keep away from red meat and only eat white lean meat, eat lots of fiber, and the body will cleanse itself out. "There have been real, honest-to-goodness studies on colon cleansing in recent years, he said, but they all have focused on the potential harm

abscesses caused by too much water, rectal perforation and electrolyte imbalance. All that water, usually tens of gallons, washes out the electrolytes that the colon was built to absorb. The water also washes away beneficial bacteria needed for digestion, and not magically only harmful bacteria, as the proponents claim.