Does alternative medicine help emphysema?

Ammonium carbonicum

Ammonium carbonicum should be used in those that are frequently weak on a physical level. They may also cough often, and suffer from blockages in the nose, palpitations, shortness of breath, and burning sensations in the chest. Drowsiness, yawning, and nosebleeds are also common. Lying on the stomach improves symptoms, while symptoms worsen at night and from dampness and cold temperatures.

Antimonium tartaricum

Antimonium tartaricum is necessary for patients with suffocating sensations, along with a weak pulse, and coughing episodes that suddenly end with vomiting. The person also feels exhaustion easily, and they are unable to perform any type of physical activity. Other symptoms include yawning, nausea, drowsiness, sweating, and irritability. Symptoms may improve by lying on the right side or after expectorating. Movement, eating, drinking, and being in a warm room may worsen symptoms.
3. Carbo vegetabilis

Carbo vegetabilis is used for people with frequent wheezing episodes. The person may also be physically exhausted quite often. They also have a dusky or bluish complexion, and a burning sensation in the chest. Other symptoms include a coarse cough, cold breath, shortness of breath, coking on phlegm, sweating, and offensive gas. Belching and cool air improve symptoms, while rich food, warmth, and open air will make things worse.