does cellulite brush work

Cellulite happens. In fact, it happens to most women, regardless of how hard they try to prevent it, the Mayo Clinic reports. These dimpled patches are the visible result of fat accumulating in pockets near fibrous cords that connect your skin to underlying muscle. While no method is 100 percent effective in removing cellulite completely, some practices, like dry brushing, can provide at least temporary relief.

Brushing your skin helps your lymph system get rid of toxins, which, in turn, visibly reduces cellulite, Holistic Health Library explains. Lymph is a fluid that collects toxins from cells and moves the toxins to areas where they can be eliminated. Prime areas of elimination include your kidneys, lungs, colon and skin. Blood circulation helps other organs release toxins, but your skin does not have that additional boost to help rid itself of the approximately 2 pounds of toxins it releases daily.

A brush with natural bristles and a long handle works best for skin brushing, Holistic Health Library reports, as does brushing at least six days per week, preferably in the morning. Start at your feet and brush upwards, towards your heart, until you cover your legs, back, stomach and lower part of your chest. Keep brushing towards your heart and continue by brushing the top of your chest, your arms and then the back and sides of your neck. When you hit areas where cellulite tends to form, spend a bit more time brushing in circular motions, Native Remedies advises.

While Holistic Health Library, Native Remedies and Natural Health techniques all report dry brushing works to remove cellulite, other sources have a different take. Women Fitness says it may or may not be effective, but the brushing technique cannot hurt and is good for you skin nonetheless. The Mayo Clinic, which generally favors more traditional health treatments, does not come out against dry brushing for cellulite but it does note the similar toxin-releasing treatment of vigorous massage often only yields temporary results.