Does old people break dancing pop locking gives joint relief or arthritis?

now that I think back…seems like I had my first symptoms maybe 30 years ago, but they were so intermittant. And they were in my feet, also. (To think I was diagnosed 2 years ago this Augus)t. A little segue – I just love when RA is considered a “condition.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s a disease, like cancer is a disease.

I believe I ‘caught’ RA. I had taken my son and his friend camping mid July for 2 nights and it was very cold at night. Driving home I noticed my neck getting sore and found a lump on the side of my neck. I had the worst stiff neck for a week. Then within a week or so I noticed some swelling in my elbow after bumping it and it didn’t heal fast. Then my left foot and then my right foot a week later. I was walking on my heels. Doctor didn’t seem too concerned. Several years later I moved and was under a lot of stress at work and then I got fatigued and very sore all over, could not stand up or grab anything to lift myself up. My son had to help me to my feet and I could only move slowly in much pain. Found a new doctor who took the time to listen and he wrote everything down, checked me all over and said he was quite certain it was RA. He gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, sent me for bloodwork and confirmed an appointment with a rheumatologist all in the one appointment. I felt better just talking to him because he took the time, almost an hour in his office. The rheumatologist confirmed RA. I’ve had it for about 18 years and I’m 60 now. I get flare ups and can’t work. As for nodules, I had one on my left elbow and one in front of it a few inches away and one on my right hand, but I kept crunching and squeezing them or pressing on them and worked them out and they have not come back. Took about a week to get rid of them. My wrists are locked, frozen right shoulder, swollen ankles and knees, etc.