dry brushing helps get rid toxins

Stand upright in your bathroom or inside your bathtub.

It is important to dry brush in your bathroom as you will be sloughing off a whole lot of dead cells and other impurities, and you do not want them clinging onto your Persian rug or contaminating the floor and air in your bedroom or living room.

Start dry brushing.

Start dry brushing your feet in brisk motions and make your way up, dry brushing the fronts and backs of your legs, thighs, lower abdomen, mid-section, chest, back, arms (including the armpits) and shoulders.

While brushing, make long sweeps and avoid back and forth motion. On your torso and back, use gentle circular motions.

It is important to dry brush your way up and toward your cardiovascular system to promote a healthy lymph fluid movement.

When coming from the abdomen toward the chest and armpit, make sure you do not stop at the armpit or right under it as it may contribute to lymph congestion; come all the way up to the top of the armpit.

Your skin may turn a pink color as you dry brush. Do NOT rub the brush so vigorously against your skin that it becomes irritated and red in color.

Continue dry brushing in the manner described above for 10 to 20 minutes.

Dry brushing for at least 10 minutes is essential for effective detoxing.

Take a long, warm bath after dry brushing.

This would be the perfect time to indulge in a rejuvenating and purifying detox bath, with ingredients like Epsom salt and Bentonite clay for added detox action.

As your pores will be open after dry brushing, these potent detoxifying ingredients will sweep the inner surfaces of your skin clean.