get clear sparkling eyes naturally

Gentle massaging your eyes is one of the easiest ways on how to get clear eyes naturally. Massage will help you to reduce eye strain and prevent fine line and wrinkles by improving your blood circulation to your eyes.


Firstly, take a few drops of pure coconut oil or olive oil on your fingertips.
Then, use your fingertips to gently massage your eye areas, including the outer corners, the center of the brows, the inner corners, and below your eyes.
You should repeat this eye massage for at least 1 time per day.

Coconut oil is very useful in giving you clear and sparkling eyes!

As you know, coconut oil has a lot of benefits on the health and beauty. For example, it can be used to get rid of gray hair and considered as a great natural moisturizer. In addition, it also helps to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines around your eyes. Besides, coconut oil also contains many essential nutrients that can aid in reviving and rejuvenating the delicate skin around your eyes and giving a smooth and soft texture to your eyes. Therefore, don’t forget coconut oil when it comes to the ways on how to get clear eyes naturally without eye drops.

Indian gooseberry (amla) is a good way on how to get clear eyes naturally without eye drops. This herb is a very rich source of vitamin A and C, which helps to strengthen the muscles around your eyes. In addition, it also aids in getting rid of a few eye-related problems such as redness, watering, and itching.


Firstly, take amla powder (1 teaspoon) and 1 cup of filtered water. Then, add this powder to water and let it soak for overnight. In the next morning, you use a muslin cloth to strain the water and then add 1 cup of water to it. Now, use this solution to splash your eyes. You should do this way for one time per day in the morning.
Another option, you can also mix amla juice (2 teaspoons) in 1/2 cup of clean water and then drink it in the every morning. If you have the fresh amla, eat it daily.

Fennel seeds are considered as one of the most ravishing and useful ingredients in nature. It is also used for a few common problems in the human health. You can eat or massage or use this vegetable in the form of pills. It may trigger the estrogen quantity to your body, which will suppress any male hormone and cause these hormones to regulate its function properly. Besides, these fennel seeds are widely used as a toner or as a treatment for many diseases.

You should consult your doctor before using these seeds for any purpose because herbal supplements can have a biological or side effect and be harmful if it is mixed with other certain medications. Fennel seeds are rich in vitamin A that helps to strengthen the health of your eyes while the rich content of antioxidants in these seeds replenishes body cells. Here is a way on how to get clear eyes naturally with fennel seeds that you should follow.