home remedies bed sores

Aloe Vera:

The gel of the famous aloe vera plant is a wonderful remedy for bed sores. Apply the gel of this miraculous plant on the affected area every day to cure the sores and keep the skin soft and smooth. It also cools the affected areas, providing relief from pain as well as itchiness that is caused by the bed sores.

Sugar And Honey:

Another very effective home remedy for bed sores is a mixture of sugar and honey. Applying the mixture on the affected area two times everyday can cure sores quickly. The mixture is also helpful in removing any poison from the sores and preventing any infection from developing.

Turmeric Root And Hazel:

Bed sores can be treated with this mixture by washing the affected area two to four times a day. It provides great relief from itchiness and pain caused by the bed sores. This is a simple home remedy that many people use to naturally treat the skin ulcers.

Vitamin E:

This is a very effective remedy for bed sores. Experts recommend applying Vitamin E oil to the areas affected by the sores as well as the entire body to gain relief. Apart from relieving pain and itchiness, it makes the skin smooth and supple.