home remedies for schizophrenia

Green Cardamom:

Symptoms exhibited by a patient can be controlled by using the seeds of green cardamom as a home remedy for schizophrenia. These seeds are good in controlling the nervous system and also possess healing properties. These seeds cannot be directly consumed. Herbal tea needs to be prepared from these seeds. This herbal remedy can be prepared by mixing one teaspoon cardamom powder in a glass of hot water. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes after mixing the ingredients properly. Add some sugar after straining the mixture with a strainer. It should be consumed in lukewarm condition. It should be consumed twice every day for controlling Schizophrenia symptoms

Basil Leaves:

The anti-oxidant and healing properties of basil leaves make it essential for controlling various brain disorders. The functionality of brain enhances if tea prepared from basil leaves is consumed on a regular basis. Now, the question arises – how to prepare this tea? Take boiling water in a cup. Add half teaspoon of sage and quarter teaspoon of basil leaves into it. Let the mixture stand for 5-6 minutes. Strain the mixture. It then becomes ready to be served. Positive improvements can be observed within a short time span if it can be served to the patient twice daily

Licorice Powder:

Compounds and minerals present in licorice are helpful in treating brain disorders. This effective herb also reduces stress and anxiety. Add a teaspoon licorice to hot water and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Strain it and serve to the patient. Excellent results can be attained if this solution is consumed every morning in empty stomach. Experts advise to have breakfast after an hour. Digestion of the mixture and its absorption into blood stream is done properly in this one hour

Cold Water Fish:

Fish has an internal power of promoting good brain health. Therefore, patients of Schizophrenia must intake ample amount of fish regularly. Cold water fish is preferred as it contains Omega- 3 and 6 fatty acids which in turn are beneficial in treating symptoms of Schizophrenia. The diet of the patients must include cold water fish such as salmon, goldfish, trout et