home remedies shoe bites

The easiest home remedy to get relief from a shoe bite is by using ice cubes. They offer instant relief to the feet and pain caused by a bad shoe bite. Drop a few cubes onto a clean cloth and rub it on affected spots. This not only soothes the pain, but will also reduce any swelling that may be caused by the bite

Aloe Vera, known for its numerous healing properties, can be just the remedy you need to treat shoe bite marks and pain. You can apply aloe vera gel on the affected spots on the feet for instant relief from pain. Prolonged usage will also help reduce any scarring that the bite leaves behind.


Amazing as it may sound to some, applying aspirin can be helpful to treat shoe bite scars and blisters. It need not be eaten for this though. Its anti-inflammatory properties can bring down the swelling and inflammation caused by shoe bites, in a jiffy. Make a paste of aspirin tablet and water and apply it on affected spots. When it becomes dry, you can wash off the legs with water.

Olive And Almond Oil:

A mixture of olive and almond oil can be your friend in treating blisters caused by shoe bites. Massaging the feet with this mixture can bring instant relief