home remedies stomach ulcer

Cabbage is considered as one of the best home remedies for ulcers in the stomach thanks to its lactic acid that can produce the amino acid, which can stimulate blood flow over the stomach lining. Therefore, it can help strengthen stomach lining and heal the ulcer afterwards. Moreover, cabbage holds a rich amount of vitamin C that has been found to benefit from patients with H.pylori infections, while carrot juice is composed of vitamin U or called an anti-peptic ulcer factor. The mixture of cabbage and carrots will be the first best choice to treat ulcers in the stomach

Coconut is useful for those suffering from ulcers in stomach due to its antibacterial properties.

These properties can kill the bacteria causing ulcers and its anti-ulcer qualities. You can consume coconut milk, tender coconut water, or coconut oil, any of which can help you treat ulcers in the stomach effectively.

Process 1: Coconut Milk Or Tender Coconut Water


1 cup of coconut milk or the tender coconut water

Drink the coconut milk or the tender coconut water
You can also consume the kernel of tender coconut
Repeat this remedy 2-3 times daily for no less than 1 week

In order to treat ulcers in the stomach, both unripe and ripe bananas are beneficial because of its antibacterial compounds, which inhibit the development of ulcer. Plus, bananas protect the system thanks to its ability to wipe out acidity of the gastric juices, which helps to reduce inflammation and strengthen the stomach lining. Therefore, bananas are effective home remedies for ulcers in your stomach that you should follow at home.


1 ripe banana

Eat the banana
Repeat this at least 3 times daily
You can make banana milkshakes instead of eating ripe bananas.

Honey contains potent healing properties, which help much in treating stomach ulcers because its enzyme, called glucose oxidase, can produce hydrogen peroxide that kills harmful bacteria causing ulcers. Moreover, honey can soothe and reduce the inflammation of your stomach lining. Plus, it helps to strengthen the stomach lining, clear the bowel and treat and prevent stomach ulcers’ recurrence. As a result, using honey as one of effective home remedies for ulcers in your stomach is your best choice ever.