how can i get rid of skin tan???

I am fair…ad I ride my 2 wheeler I can see dat my skin in hand,leg n face is tanned…please suggest me some good moisturizer n home remedy 2 get rid of this tan and get back my original fairness…plz help me …:slight_smile:

I don’t understand because having a nice tan looks nice lol. But if you mix vinegar white vinegar half a cup with a whole lime and a spoon od Baking soda in a bowl and before you shower you rub it on your skin leaving it on for 10minutes it will gradually lighten your skin without irrating it. Just make sure you don’t shave after or before. Within a couple days of doing this you will see results and just apply sunscreen whenever you are outside. Also do not moisturizer too much because moisturize skin helps maintain a tan while dry skin will make it shed off quicker

Hoped I helped, Roger