How can I plump up my lips?

You can use cinnamon oil to help plump up the lips. You can find cinnamon oil at any new age-y type store or online. Or you can make a paste of water and cinnamon like you’d have in your kitchen, and apply that to the lips for a few minutes.

If you want to make the lips appear fuller using makeup, there are a couple of ways to do that. One is…after you’ve applied your lipstick or lip stain, add just a small dab of a clear lip gloss to the center of the bottom lip only. This will draw the eye to the fullest part of your lip and give the illusion that it is poutier than it is. If you want to make the top lip appear bolder, use an illuminator in the center, just above your lip on the cupid’s bow (the part of your upper lip where it dips down in the middle). This will also create the illusion of a fuller, more protruding upper lip.

follow these steps to get a great plump lips

Wash your face and make sure your lips are clean. Pat the lips dry and apply petroleum jelly, making sure that your lips are thoroughly coated. If you prefer, you can substitute olive oil for the petroleum jelly.

Take the clean toothbrush and gently brush your lips. The brushing movement increases blood circulation to the lips and increases their size. Be careful not to brush too vigorously, or else your lips might become sore. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation while you brush your lips. You can add more petroleum jelly or oil if you feel that your lips are dry. Brushing your lips with this technique will also remove any dry or chapped skin as well.

Apply the lip liner of your choice to the very outer edge of your lips. Be careful not to draw the line on your face but on the edge where your newly plumped lips and the surrounding skin meet.

Choose the lipstick or lip gloss color of choice and apply to your lips. By choosing a color that is several shades darker than your lip liner will make your lips look larger as well.

Apply a touch of clear shimmer lip gloss on the middle section of your bottom lip for a finishing touch.