How can you contact Dean Kraft the energy healer?

Dean Kraft was at the top of his 41 year career creating medical miracles by curing the incurable with the power of the mind when he was suddenly felled by a massive and fatal heart attack on October 27, 2013. Dean Kraft was proven to be the most medically and scientifically documented energy/psychic healer of our time. He was 63 years old.

 His childhood sweetheart, devoted partner of 45 years and beloved wife of almost 38 years, Rochelle Kraft, was at his side when the tragic event occurred. 

 World renowned not only for his miraculous healings spanning four decades but he was also unique for his determination to prove his claims of an incredible healing gift and numerous other paranormal powers. 

 Dean provided conclusive evidence of the authenticity of his gifts in numerous government laboratories, universities, and hospitals around the country. The phenomenal ability to kill the most virulent of cancer cells in test tubes (duplicated in several experimental settings) has yet to be reproduced by any other human.

 With his partner, Rochelle, they co-authored two books on his life – “Portrait of a Psychic Healer” and “A Touch of Hope”, both by G.P. Putnam. One year after “A Touch of Hope”, which covers 25 years of his unique career, the book was made into a television movie by NBC and aired worldwide on October 10, 1999.

 Dean Kraft will be remembered for his unfailing integrity, great sense of humor, tremendous warmth and generosity, unshakeable optimism and unwavering compassion for the sick and suffering.

 He will be sorely missed by his devoted wife, sisters Lisa Kubie and Roberta Levine and his nephews and nieces.

Dean Kraft gives his own explanation of his Energy Healing Therapy (also known as Psychic Healing and non-religious laying on of hands)…….

“In my opinion, Energy Healing activates the Mind/Body Connection. Energy healing can unblock and balance the patient’s natural energy fields in order to catalyst their own healing system to start to correct itself, to function properly. As I try to help someone with a health problem, I visualize the area or areas that are diseased. For example – if a person has liver tumors that medical science has deemed ‘hopeless’, I would then “see” or “imagine” the tumors shrinking – and most of the time, this action actually creates a physical change.

Some of the time, I work just above the body’s surface – the ‘auric body’ that extends up to a few feet from the patient’s skin. Other times, I very gently touch the head and neck areas and work on certain energy points on their limbs to stimulate the blood circulation, which carries the energy throughout the body. There is a very INTUITIVE process to my energy healing work.

As well, while I’m working with the person, I’ll frequently have them use various visual techniques during the session to A) get them more relaxed, making them more open to absorb my energy and B) have the patients actually participate and stimulate their own ‘mind/body connection’ and visualize themselves shrinking their Own tumors and “seeing” themselves well, doing some activity they enjoyed doing before they became ill. Herein lies the Mind/Body Connection."