How long do the cranberry pills stay in your system?

the information here applies mostly to urine drug tests. When it comes to the precise drug in question, the same principles apply, although the typical detection times can vary considerably depending on the drug and the level of use.
If you need to take a saliva or hair drug test, we suggest you check out some mouthwash and shampoo products designed for these tests

to be honest, it will probably take just as long as it would normally. Cleaning your system is a long-term undertaking, and AZO Cranberry simply isn’t formulated for this purpose. Sure, cranberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, but this doesn’t mean that these supplements will speed up a detox. If you do want to try this, get a course of supplements based on herbal ingredients that have been used for centuries to boost liver and kidney function.
Now, if AZO Cranberry doesn’t help clean your system, why do so many people talk about it? Well, every myth has a germ of truth in it. Firstly, AZO Standard UTI Pain Relief is also incorrectly mentioned as a way to pass drug tests, so it was inevitable that someone would suggest the natural cranberry alternative. More importantly, though, cranberry juice is a natural diuretic, so it makes you pee more, thus diluting your urine and increasing your chances of passing. This only has value if you do it shortly before your test, and we’d recommend drinking organic cranberry juice rather than taking AZO supplements. Dilution is a very delicate business, however, so we recommend using products that are designed for urine drug tests.