how to avoid carb creep

For sure! But with family vacations, impromptu trips to the pool or BBQs with friends, the extra carbs sometimes start creeping in. It might start with a handful of chips or a pitcher of margaritas with friends while watching a glorious summer sunset (which is pretty hard to resist!). But the wonderful thing about Atkins is that I’ve learned while it’s OK to overindulge occasionally, it’s just as important to make sure “carb creep” doesn’t get the best of me. I’ve worked so hard to get where I am—I love the extra energy I have and how my clothes fit. If it starts to get harder to maintain the weight I’ve lost (or a challenge to lose a couple pounds) and/or if my food cravings or excess hunger comes back, I know it’s time to catch up on my “carb creep”. Here are some tips that help me get back on track:

I count my carbs. For the most part, I have a good idea of how many Net Carbs I should be consuming each day (I follow Atkins 40™), but when the extra carbs start creeping in, I start counting. It keeps me honest!

I watch my portions. Even though I don’t count calories on Atkins, I do watch my portions. To keep my portion sizes in check, I’ll use a salad plate instead of dinner plate for my meals.

I add variety. I have my favorite go-to low-carb snacks and meals, but it’s important to mix it up at times. When I find myself snacking out of boredom, or eating the same thing every day, it’s time to take things up a notch! I’ll go to the Recipes section of and pick one or two new low-carb recipes to add to my repertoire.

I don’t go hungry. When the “carb creep” comes on, it’s time to make sure I have plenty of low-carb snacks and meals on hand, even if it’s as simple a couple cubes of cheese and some olives. If I still feel ravenous, it might be because I’m not getting enough healthy fat with each meal. I’ll add some guacamole to my eggs or as a snack with some fresh veggies, or I’ll drizzle steamed or grilled veggies with a little butter or whip up homemade vinaigrette for my salads.

I have found that these four tips always help me control my “carb creep” and stay on track with my goals. I’d love to hear your tips as well