how to avoid tobacco addiction with home remedies?

Here are few tips to help manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms:

  • Make sure you get rid of tobacco supplies when you decide to quit. Don’t save a just-in-case pack.

  • Exercise regularly: Regular physical activity has been found to reduce withdrawal symptoms and help people stop smoking/tobacco chewing. Exercise also helps avoid potential weight gain which is often associated with stopping.

  • Wait out cravings: Cravings or urges usually last few minutes. Go for a walk or have a healthy snack, such as carrots, an apple or sunflower seeds, which will keep your mouth busy. Pursue something that keeps your hands busy, and before you know it, the urge will have passed.

  • Whenever there is a urge, review your reasons for quitting, and replace that thought with something positive to support your stopping.

  • Talk to a person who can support you when feeling anxious or depressed or need encouragement, a support person can help you get through a difficult craving.

  • Stay away from people, places and situations that tempt you to smoke.

  • Eat regular, healthy meals. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.