how to control irritation related to incontinence and heat in the folds of the legs

I had a “bladder tack” last Dec.and ended up with a constant leakage of urine. I am very irritated in the folds of my legs. I am a very clean person (bath daily with cleaning of the area each time I urinate with a wet wipe, patting the area dry.) I use desiten as a barrier. I never feel clean, and the summer heat makes this a very difficult situation. I am very embarrissed over this but I did approach the doctor and his nurse over this. They do not return my calls. I did not have this type of incontince prior to the surgery and he does not offer any explanations.

Prior to surgery your doctor may had told you about the risk and complication of surgery. Avoid all the strenuous work and eat healthy food. Also take a second opinion.