how to cope with not being able to run

Seek out other stress relievers.

Whether you realize it or not, running is most likely a source of stress relief for you. Now’s the time to find other relaxing activities that may help manage your stress (including the stress of dealing with an injury!). Catch a movie, binge-watch a show, or pick up some magazines, books, or a crossword puzzle –- anything that will keep your mind occupied and not thinking about sources of stress in your life. Make sure that you get plenty of rest, too, since you’re more likely to feel stressed and down if you’re tired.

Don’t abandon running altogether.

Although not being able to run may make you want to forget about running, staying away may actually make you feel even worse. Keep in touch with your running buddies and stay up-to-date on their training. Use your recovery period as a time to get involved with running in other ways, such as volunteering at a race or cheering on your friends.

But find other outlets, too.
Now’s also a great time to focus on non-running aspects of your life. You have more time to do the things you say you’ll do when you’re not busy training for a race. Get together with some non-running friends for coffee or dinner, or catch a movie or a play. Doing something that isn’t part of your regular routine will help you appreciate the time off from running.