How to cure Anxiety

I do have some anxiety problems. Can I take medicine for anxiety? Due to anxiety, my blood pressure is always elevated.

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2 to 3 drops of hemp oil under tongue 2 times a day

Anxiety is a very natural emotional state but when it goes beyond a level that starts interfering with day to day functioning, it does become a problem. Anxiety can be contributed to by many factors apart from it being a maladaptive trait. For e.g., certain people may be anxious in many situations, or it may be restricted to specific situations / places / events; can be contributed to by physical health issues; and can even be enhanced by use of drugs, alcohol, smoking, having coffee etc.

Thus, I would think it is be important to know about the kind, frequency of anxiety, as well as factors associated with it.

I also think you would benefit from a complete cardiological check up given the history of hypertension and also your age.