how to do leg pull back

Reverse Plank
Start by sitting with legs out in front of you, heels together, spine long and palms by your pelvis with finger tips forward.
Lift pelvis off the ground, until your body forms a long line from the shoulders to the feet. Go ahead and point those toes.
Feel inner thighs squeeze toward one another, with abs pulling toward spine.

With Kick
Keeping your plank stable, inhale and kick your right leg up as high as you can, without breaking at your waist.
Pressing your left leg into the floor with help keep you stable.
Exhale, flex through your foot and slowly lower your right leg reaching through your heel.
Repeat kick with the left leg. Repeat each side three more times for four sets.

Remember to keep your chest open, shoulders down, and neck long — don’t sink into your shoulders. If this feels hard on your wrists, lower yourself pelvis down between sets.