how to do the pull up and chin up exercises

Your build determines your grip width for Pullups. The wider your shoulders, the wider your grip should be. But it can never be wider or narrower than shoulder-width apart. And each rep must start with your elbows locked at the bottom, and end with your chin over the bar at the top. Don’t do half reps of you’ll get half the gains. Use a full range of motion. Follow these guidelines to do Pullups with proper form…

Grip. Full grip. Face your palms away. Hold the bar high, close to your fingers.
Grip Width. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart. Don’t grip too wide.
Elbows. Keep them 45° in like when you Overhead Press. Don’t flare your elbows out.

Chest. Raise your chest. Lead with it on the way up. Try to touch the bar with your chest.
Shoulders. Keep them back. Don’t roll them forward. Don’t squeeze your shoulder-blades.
Head. Keep it neutral. Look forward. Don’t look at the bar. Don’t reach for it with your head.
Lower Back. Stay neutral. Straight line shoulders to knees. Don’t over-arch your lower back.
Legs. Bend your knees to keep your feet off the floor. Cross your legs and squeeze your glutes.

Bottom. Hang with straight arms and locked elbows. Shrug your shoulders towards the ceiling
Way Up. Pull yourself up by pulling your elbows down and to the floor. Lead with your chest.
Top. Get your chin over the bar. Keep your head neutral. Don’t pull it forward to the bar.
Way Down. Lower yourself all the way down until your arms are straight at the bottom.
Breathing. Take a big breath at the bottom, hold it at the top, exhale/inhale at bottom