how to do yasso s

Take your marathon goal time in hours/minutes and convert this to minutes/seconds. For example, if your marathon goal is 3 hours and 10 minutes then convert that to 3 minutes and 10 seconds.
First, do an easy warm-up of a 5-10 jog and a few warm-up exercises.

Next, try to run 800 meters (approximately 1/2 mile) at your converted time (3:10 in this example).
Recover after each 800 by jogging or walking for the same amount of time (again, 3:10 in this example).
Start with three or four repetitions in the first week.

Continue with Yasso 800 workouts once a week and try to add one more repetition each week until you reach ten repetitions. The first few should feel pretty easy and you may run under your goal time. However, as you add repeats, you’ll notice that they’ll start to get more difficult and you may have some trouble hitting your times. If you’re unable to hit your goal time (or faster) on your last repeat, stick to that number of repeats in following weeks until you’re able to complete all repeats at your goal time. If you’re having a difficult time progressing past your goal time after a few repeats, you may want to re-consider whether it’s a realistic goal time for you.
Don’t forget to cool down with 5 minutes of easy running or walking, followed by stretching.