how to find the right people for a school carpool

Whether you’re looking to save time or the cost of gasoline, a carpool can be a great way for parents to get their kids where they need to be without the stress of driving them on a regular basis.

Carpools can be a great way to get kids to school, activities, and even for one time outings. But putting your children in someone else’s car is a choice that parents take seriously and research heavily. To get you started on making school mornings a little easier, here are a few tips for networking with other parents to set up carpools:
Go with whom you know

Chances are you probably already know a great deal of parents in your neighborhood, school, or church Having a simple conversation with them about setting up a carpool can be an easy way to decrease the stress of your everyday life.

Go to activities

When you drive your kids yourself, make a point to hang out and visit with other parents to see who is interested in carpooling. There may even already be one you can join.
Educate yourself

Did you know that the most carpooled places kids go is school, sports, music lessons, and scouts — in that order? If your kids go to anyone of these, chances are there are probably many parents who feel the way you do and are open to carpooling options.
Use online resources

Just like most networking opportunities, there are many sites for finding carpools in any area. A few great sites include:

They keep a list of thousands of daily carpools and even provide options for those traveling across the country.
Carpool World

This website posts daily updates to the site for its over 250,000 users who are both seeking and offering carpools.

You can actually hire a carpool or vanpooling service through this site. A great option for parents who want to pool their resources for a reliable service.
Carpool Assist

Simply enter your starting address and destination to see existing carpools in your area. There are also great tips for starting one of your own.