How to get rid of epilepsy ?

I am suffering from epilepsy from last 20 years and is taking allopathic medicine continously but of no use.When I stop taking medicine,it occurs,when I take it it stops. Tell me the ayurvedic treatment for this problem. Thank you.

Most people with epilepsy need to take antiepileptic medication to control their seizures and alternative therapies are more often complementary.

The practice of pranayama i.e.,controlled deep breathing exercise, helps restore normal respiration; this can reduce the chances of going into a seizure or stop the seizure before it becomes full blown. This causes due to changes in metabolism, blood flow, and oxygen levels in the blood.

Also, yoga and meditation can play important role. Meditation improves blood flow to the brain and slows the production of stress hormones. Meditation also increases the levels of neurotransmitters, like serotonin, which keep the body’s nervous system calm. Practicing relaxation techniques such as Yoga meditation is well known as a definitive aid in seizure control.