how to get rid of scars like small holes left by pimples

Need a quick home remedy of above questipn

OTC Acne Treatment

If one is getting scarring (not staining, but depressed or pitted scars), one should seek a medical opinion for prescription treatment. The following can be used: clogged pores (whiteheads and blackheads): - retinol at bedtime - salicylic acid - glycolic acid - benzoyl peroxide inflammatory lesions (red bumps and/or pus bumps) - benzoyl peroxide gel - topical sulfur.

Scarring from acne reflects a probem deep in the skin, in the dermis. Topical creams tend not to affect changes in the deep layer of skin. There are medically applied resurfacing treatments such as laser therapy and chemical peels that will lessen the scars. Nothing has been shown to totally remove the scars. Special make-up created to cover scars isaffordable and cosmetically appealing.