how to green your ibd

Choosing Recycled Toilet Paper

Toilet paper preference ranges far and wide, and many people with IBD and their families have a particular preference for a specific brand. However, many of the brands most commonly found in grocery and discount stores have no recycled content whatsoever. What’s more, they are often bleached to obtain their stark whiteness, which companies seem to think is so very important to consumers, but has no real practical purpose and is a considerable source of water pollution. There are many brands of recycled toilet tissues on the market, and with a closer look at the toilet paper aisle, you are likely to find at least one. Some brands even do away with the paper roll in the middle, which further reduces waste. Several environmental groups have investigated the toilet paper issue thoroughly and make recommendations as to which brands are doing the most to reduce waste.

Install A Toilet That Uses Less Water

A dual-flush toilet is considered by many environmental groups to be one of the best ways to save water when flushing. Dual flush refers not to flushing two times, but instead to offering two types of flushes. In fact, you may have seen these types of toilets in newer buildings and in those that are seeking to achieve a green building status. One type of flush in a dual-flush toilet may be referred to as the “rinse” and often uses less than a gallon for flushing. This might be used for liquid waste, which doesn’t require much effort or water to flush away. The second type of flush typically uses between one and two gallons, and is recommended for more solid waste. People with IBD might arguably use the more water-intensive flush more frequently than the lower-water flush, but having the dual option does help conserve water in the long run.

Greener Cleaning

After paper and water, the third thing that is used frequently in the bathroom and other rooms in the home is cleaning products. It’s important to keep clean surroundings, especially for people who are compromised by other illnesses and who want to avoid other sicknesses that may be spread by friends or family members. Many conventional cleaning products are harsh and do not break down after use. However, there are many greener cleaning products readily available. They often work just as well as harsher products, and have the advantage of keeping your home free from more harmful chemicals.